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X-Cultural Management

A lack of intercultural competence is the most frequently cited reason for the failure of mergers, acquisitions, international partnerships and transnational, organic growth. In times of globalization it is therefore indispensable to deal with other cultures. Because in business life we are constantly dealing with the behaviour of people - the soft facts. This is determined to a large extent by their culture when dealing with one another, e.g. in terms of communication, interaction and cooperation.

Doing international business, leading projects beyond national borders to success, etc. means better understanding the behaviour of your counterpart (contractual partner, customer, international colleague) against the cultural background. Without this perspective, prejudices could arise. These distorted perceptions lead to pigeonhole thinking and with high probability to misinterpretations and misunderstandings.

Our work with our international clients is therefore about sharpening the cultural aspects:
- on the "Me" level, in order to gain awareness of my intercultural competence
- on the "You" level, in order to perceive cultural similarities and differences
- on the "We" level, in order to make use of the cultural diversity of the (virtual) team and to effectively shape the cooperation across borders.
Exemplary projects in our work are:

  • Country-specific coaching in preparation for an international assignment of teams and/or individuals, managers, etc.
  • Teambuilding of international, virtual working groups
  • Effective leadership in an intercultural context
  • Accompaniment of mergers, acquisitions, international growth for the integration of different cultures
  • Development of HR and management instruments adapted to the respective national culture

We devleop your intercultural competency to an asset

HR-Strategy & Consulting e.U. - Update 2018