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Team Development

Working in teams and committing to common goals is a requirement that is indispensable in our working world. No matter whether it is a permanent, temporary or virtual team - in order to reap the benefits of synergies, continuous discussion and direction control are required, bearing in mind both the hard facts and the soft facts.

Achieving top performance and winning together - how can this be accomplished? The key to success can be traced back again to

  • Clarity - about our own contribution to the team; about the common goals, the assignment of roles and responsibilities, the overall approach, how decisions are made, how interfaces are designed...
  • Clout - how do we support each other; how do we use our different strengths and talents; how do we solve problems; how do we overcome hurdles; how do we deal with success but also with failure…
  • Collaboration - how do we deal with each other; how do we resolve conflicts; how strongly do we trust each other…

We work with the following models and analytical tools:

  • The Team Performance Model® - to evaluate the starting position and agree which action is needed
  • The TMS® - to reveal strengths and potentials of teams
  • The GRID® model - to experience dynamically how the quality of collaboration impacts team results

In our team development we address all levels of learning in order to move from head (brain) and attitude (heart) to implementation (hand). We also use nature to bring movement into your team.

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