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for change projects

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We have made it our business to effectively support and develop people and organizations during change. Whether you personally want to change something... Whether you want to change something in your team... Whether you want to change something for your organization... We work with you on your effectiveness to more

  • Clarity ... in your goals and objectives
  • Clout... and strength in the execution to achieve your goals sustainably
  • Collaboration .... and interaction with each other to turn those affected into participants

Our own professional experience in top management has shown us that change projects in organizations usually do not fail because of unsophisticated concepts or project plans, but because of an unsupportive culture. All in all, it is always the people in organizations who determine whether and how change succeeds. “Soft facts" such as identity, beliefs, values, attitude, abilities, and behavior play an essential role.

We therefore aim at integrating hard facts with soft facts and work primarily with senior executives and managers, their teams and human resources organizations.

Our Motto: Never stop learning

HR-Strategy & Consulting e.U. - Update 2018