Drive Change

instead of being driven

Change Management

Very often we get a call when a change process (e.g. the implementation of a new strategy or new organizational structure) gets stuck and threatens to fail. All the facts, the substance, and the rationale have been established and worked out. However, people apparently "don't want" to go along with the change. The emotional side of change can be felt by resistance. The change desired by management stagnates and fails to get implemented. The key question is: "How can I win over the people in my organization for my change project and take them along with me?"

This is exactly when our Change Management comes in - supported by our personal experience and CAP-Tools. Here are some examples:

  • Implementation of a new organizational structure
  • Implementation of new roles and responsibilities
  • Mergers and acquisitions (including organizational units and corporate divisions)
  • Spin-offs
  • Design and role-out of enhanced management tools (management by objectives, appraisal interviews, 360, etc.)
  • Development of management principles Change in the corporate and leadership culture

Our approach makes your change sustainable

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